Our Founders are many things: innovators, aesthetes, task masters, mentors and comrades. But above all, they are fearless. They have embraced their inner child and never lost sight of what fashion means to children.

They continue to infuse Gini & Jony with insight, dynamism and joy.

Prakash Lakhani – Managing Director
The mastermind behind this 500 Cr. company, a veteran and a fount of knowledge on entrepreneurship, strategy and incomparable success formulae. He is the guiding light of the company.

Jay Lakhani  - Director
A visionary who defined an identity that ensured easy brand recall for our target segment while retaining an international appeal. He coined the brand name kids around the country have come to treasure. Jay Lakhani is a perfectionist and an uncompromising entrepreneur.

Anil Lakhani – Director
A true doyen of style, and the brains behind the fantabulous collections launched each season. Every idea is generated and nurtured by him bringing them to a simmering style statement each season. He has his finger on the pulse of the market and has mastered the art of winning people over.
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